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Elib Shopping OnlineInternet has revolutionized the way people had access to information. What they earlier took hours and days to accomplish, it became affordable for them now to do it in a few minutes time, with very few mouse clicks, while remaining within the square space of a browser window. One of the direct fallouts of this web revolution is the entry of online stores or the concept of shopping online. As the term itself indicates, shopping online is the way of shopping – buying goods – from a virtual store (called online store) by selecting the items with mouse clicks and drag & drop and making the payments through credit card, again online.

The major advantage with shopping online is that there is no need for the customer to physically go to a store and move around the shelves. Instead, he/she can achieve the same efficiency – or more than that – while remaining in the comforts of one’s own home. And the maximum infrastructure one may need to set the ball rolling could be a PC, a good enough broadband internet connection, and a valid credit card. With online stores, shopping can never become taxing and exhausting.

When it comes to shopping online, there is no better a one-stop shopping website/directory than It is one of the few websites in vogue that offers such a comprehensive list of online shopping resources and that from virtually all part of the world, under a single URL. Open to general submission, but ordered and grouped in respective directories by human editors – who hand picks the most righteous and relevant websites only – it provides an exhaustive list of online shopping resources from all across the world, arranged continent-wise and country-wise. For a prospective buyer, who wishes to get some Chinese electronic goods or few traditional Indian memorabilia, it is as easy as going straight to the ‘China’ or ‘India’ directory and finding a suitable shopping website. Further, its general listings of directories – from books and gifts to classifieds, health, and music – the list never ending – ensures that one gets virtually everything he/she expects in a retail store.

The added benefit with is that, here one could check out more than one online store under each directory before deciding from where to make the purchase. In other words, choices are aplenty and varied. It is just about taking few minutes browsing few of the online shopping websites and selecting the best one for a particular product. And in most of the times, you won’t be disappointed at the variety you could find in its folds.

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