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London is full of great attractions for the whole family, but there’s no denying that it is an expensive city to visit. Everything from the travel to the food and all the sights can add up quickly, and break even a generous budget. However, it is possible to save money on a day out in London through the use of discount vouchers. Nowadays, visitors to the British capital can save on everything from attractions to restaurants with vouchers. These can be found in travel brochures, magazines and online , on websites such as

When it comes to having a great day out in London, it’s hard to know which activities and attraction to choose. In central London, some of the best bets are the London Dungeon and the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Always a hit with families with older children, the London Dungeon is within walking distance from London Bridge Underground Station. Featuring live actors and impressive sets, the dungeon transports its visitors to the London of 1666, and is a frightful mix of rides, live action and more.

The Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum is another family favourite, and is located at the world famous Piccadilly Circus. Covering 5 floors, the museum is filled with over 700 exhibits featuring some of the most bizarre and unusual collection of people and objects in the world. Like the London Dungeon, it’s a must-see whilst in London. To curb entrance fees, discount vouchers are available for both attractions.

The London skyline would also be unrecognisable without St. Paul’s Cathedral. Built by famed architect Christopher Wren following the great fire, it recently celebrated its 300th birthday and is the most popular attraction in The City. Though the cathedral still functions as an operating church, it is open to tourists throughout the year. Within the cathedral, visitors can choose to climb 271 steps to the top of its dome. Known as the Whispering Gallery, the acoustics are such that a whisper can be heard clearly from 100 feet away. The top of the dome also features sweeping panoramic views of London.

Aside from all the aforementioned attractions, London is also full of great museums that are free of charge. The British Museum, which holds countless treasures from antiquity, is a great option when trying to save money on a day out. Over in the neighbourhood of Kensington, the Natural History, Victoria & Albert and Science Museums also do not charge an entry free, and are wonderful places to take the whole family. Adjacent to Kensington are the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Making up a green oasis, they provide a welcome break to the traffic and noise of the surrounding city and can also be enjoyed for free.

London may be an expensive city, but a day out doesn’t need to be. Planning ahead of time, and utilising a mix of special offer vouchers and free attractions, will ensure a fun filled day out without breaking the bank. With so many low-cost and free things to do in London, the possibilities are endless and affordable at the same time.

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