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Nowadays there are an enormous amount of travel comparison websites that allow you to search for flights giving you the option of the cheapest available seat on a huge range of different combinations of stopovers and different airlines. The list is endless. Since there is such a huge choice it becomes a burden as there are so many factors to take into consideration. The lack of conformity between all these websites make it sometimes very confusing. For example sometimes additional taxes are left for the end payment and in other instances they are included in the quoted price you see when you first search for your desired dates and destination.

The reason behind the price differences has a simple explanation. Each comparison website establish their own contracts with the respective airlines and these contracts allow them to advertise different prices. Not all of the comparison websites have available the same amount of products to sell therefore a price difference is inevitable. As a customer surfing the internet trying to find the best offer, there are a couple of simple tips that can make the process easier, more rewarding for your money and safe.

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Comparing “comparison” sites

This might seem a bit of an oxymoron but it is essential to make sure you are getting the best offer. Do the rounds of all the comparison websites you know of (a simple google search can give you a comprehensive list if you don’t know any). Make sure that when you do this you take into consideration the price. Some of them will have significant additional costs added to the quoted

price such as credit card costs and taxes which can significantly change the price. You must be aware that all internet shopping is designed to drag you to the final sale. They want you to remain on their site. Some comparison sites even try to trick you by offering additional extras like a rental car or travel insurance from their partner at a “special” price. Take all of these things into consideration and compare only the final price (credit card and tax costs included) across the different websites.

Booking a flight across different airlines

Sometimes you are given the option of booking a flight from ‘A’ to’ C’ with a stopover at ‘B’ that can be cheaper than direct flights as they include flying with two different airline companies. The theory of this is fine but you must take into consideration that when you book this type of flight with a third party comparison site the two separate airline companies often don’t know that you have a connecting flight. If a situation arises where your first leg flight is late and the second leg flight is subsequently jeopardised and you are flying with the same airline, their computer systems realise that you are on another flight and often you are given the possibility to fly on another flight. However if you are booked on two different airlines this is not the case and you may be left on your stopover with no connecting flight. This scenario is unlikely but it must be taken into consideration when booking.

Destination location

It is common knowledge that flying to so called “low cost” airports e.g. Stansted London and Beauvais Paris can be easy on the credit card when you book and therefore seem to be great offers on face value. This leads the comparison sites to use them to give you the best value for your money but they don’t mention the prices and time to actually arrive in the city centre. Getting from Beauvais airport to Paris will cost €15 euro per person for a single. When you add the return journey price and the 1hr and 15min bus ride sometimes slightly more expensive flights landing in closer airports such as Charles De Gaulle might be better value for money when looking at all the costs associated with your flight. Take this into consideration when next booking your flight.


There are many tricks used by both airlines and flight comparison websites to get you to spend your money on their product. Make sure you use these tips when next booking your flight so that you enjoy your holiday even more.

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