Mobile phones from another country


Buying your mobile phone online overseas can be a rewarding experience as it is one way to save money and often you can get the latest models first. Because each country has different tax laws as well as the same company having different price strategies in their different sale zones anybody who wishes to save some money on their next mobile phone simply has to do some research and order it. Because of import and export laws some companies do not allow their products to be sent directly overseas. This is not just the case with mobile phones but all sorts of consumer products from clothes to pet toys. There are a lot of people who get around this buy following these options:

1) Pick your phone up on holiday – Obviously this is the easiest and best option but not all of us can afford this. If you are going on a holiday or a business trip (even if you know someone who is) why not think about waiting and making your acquisition then. But you must remember to do you homework beforehand so that the place you’re going to sells the mobile you want cheaper than what you could find it at your local phone store.

2) Send it to someone you know in the particular country before asking them to forward it to yourself – This is a kind of loop hole but obviously is only available to those who have friends or family in the particular area. By taking off the tags and making the book look either like a present or second hand can also be helpful in tricking the customs staff into thinking that you are not importing something from overseas but simply receiving a present or sending your phone via post.

3) Using a third party holding service – This is for the people that are unable to do option 1 or 2 above. There are plenty of third party companies (which you can find on google) that would receive a parcel on your behalf in the country you want and then forward it onto you at a desired address for a small cost. Do your research to find the most reliable one.


Whether you are buying a new or second hand mobile phone from another country just do you research as there are plenty of information out there and the general rule is the more you read up before you buy the less likely you are to receive a nasty surprise.

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