Shelf companies


Shelf companies are a way of starting your business fast. They have no activity and have often been set up previously to give business people who are in need of quickly organising a business a head start. The benefits of not having to deal with registering the name of your company with the government as well as waiting for a positive or negative response when it comes to copyright etc. The idea of setting up shelf companies or corporations started a long time ago when the process of starting up a company took much longer. People of the time figured out why don’t they just make random companies and just leave them sitting there until other people need them in a hurry. Obviously there was and still is a fee for this service as nothing comes free in this world today but what you are paying for is convenience.


If you live for example in one country and would like to start a business or expand your existing one in another country then buying a shelf company to start is often a good idea. You can sit at home on your couch in front of the television and search for shelf companies in basically every corner of the globe. On most of the major websites selling this type of service you can pay by credit card before you start the process of transferring the ownership from the host company to yourself or underneath another company of your choice.

It is a real easy way to start a business and takes a lot of the fuss and stress in those first couple of weeks when normally you would be wasting time trying to submit the right documents to complete the application when you should be thinking about how to get started in the business and making it successful.

In terms of prices the rule of thumb is that the longer the company has existed the more expensive it will be. sometimes a newly created company can cost a couple of hundred dollars whereas a company with a 6-7 year “history” can set you back up to $7000. The best thing about shelf companies is that there is something for everyone.

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