How to feel good in economy class


Most passengers flying commercial airlines will never have the chance to fly either in business class or first class. If you do this particular post isn’t for you. Those people travelling in economy have to handle the even tighter spaces as airlines are crowding more and more people into even bigger planes. This article will attempt to make that experience just a little bit better.


Firstly, on google there are plenty of forum sites and airline travel review sites that rate different planes and their various economy classes. Some even go as far as recommending the best seats in economy. We have all seen them, those ones with the extra leg room near the exits. It is sometimes hard to pick where they are and these guides give you the whats-what when it comes to picking your seat when you complete online checkin. It is also advisable to see where the bathrooms are. I personally believe that sitting next to the bathroom is not the best of ideas because there is generally more light and often a line of people build up waiting to use the bathroom which sometimes makes it hard to sleep. The last thing you need is someone to bump you as you just fall asleep on that long haul flight after hours of trying to get comfortable.

In regards to trying to make your life a little easier on board why don’t you do google each airline before you leave and choose the best service providing that the prices are still convenient. Often people who don’t do this often will see a bunch of similarly priced flights and they will just pick their national airway company. Sometimes those overseas carriers offer a better service. Have a look before you fly and ┬áconsider booking with them. No one wants to fly cramped and arrive tired. Get on the internet see what is available, checkin the best seat in the house and enjoy that economy flight a touch more than you otherwise would.

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