New way of bidding online


The world online is huge you can find information about anything you can possibly think of. Shopping opportunities are always there to be taken as sellers and buyers are united on one big market. One of the newest initiatives by Ebay is the deals section where resellers contact Ebay and agree a fixed price for a product. This product is then sold to customers but they are buying in bulk. The thing that makes this work is that you as the buyer do not have to buy 100 items but just a single one. You might be thinking, ‘what is the trick’?. Well, you have to wait until the other set number have been sold before the set time limit. For example;

If you wanted to by a digital photo camera. Ebay deals were selling 50 at a reduced price because of a 30% discount. The seller is agreeing to sell 50 items at an arranged price and will not commit to the sale until all 50 are sold. Ebay acts as the middle man in this deal and uses its extensive network to find 50 people willing to buy this particular camera. The item is 100% new and therefore the buyer is simply using this bulk offer along with another 49 people to complete the 50 item order.

The reason why it works is because things are sold in bulk. If the amount of buyers is not reached in time there are no comitments on the buyers behalf. No money is taken as the amount would have only been taken at the moment the 50th person agreed to buy. It is a fool proof way of shopping and you can find some great deals as major brands decide to sell their items and left over stock there. Lots of technology companies use this way to get rid of stock. That is not to say you won’t find the latest and greatest. You can even buy the Apple Iphone 5 at a great price. The only problem you will have to wait until (or if) the set amount of people agree to buy the phone. You never have a guaranteed sale but the discount does come at a price, pun not intended.


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