Identity theft prevention wallet


Identity theft is a real threat and we should always be aware of its dangers. Most people are aware of the traditional scams where people loose their identity through having their house mail looked at or your computer being hacked. People have even gone as far as installing micro scanners at ATM machines in order to read and save your credit and debit card information. Banks across the globe spend millions each year improving their control techniques to make sure that their customers are safe.

One new identity theft technique that the average person on the street doesn’t know about but could be exposed to is RFID. This is lame words is a wireless way to steal the information via radio frequency. Basically you can have your credit card details stolen by somebody without them even having to touch you. This is a scary thought and will become a real threat in the upcoming years as the technology gets stronger and more criminals become aware of its potential. Your credit card isn’t the only thing that is at risk because of RFID. Your mobile phone, laptop and basically any electronic device is capable of being read wirelessly. Right now this technology limits something to be read in just over 12 seconds. Although this is the best technology out there with average RFID being done in 48seconds. With time there is no doubt that the time will become shorter and shorter.

There are lots of shops online that sell RFID proof wallets which can totally protect you from danger and any wireless thiefs. Looking exactly like normal wallets these are stylish and can come in a range of materials and colours. The choice is up to you. You can also protect your tablets, mobile phones and laptops with this same protection technology by simply having a RFID case. This is a real threat and it would be wise to protect yourself early before it is too late.


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