Bike building online


Bicycles have been around for hundreds of years and have changed enormously since their creation. Online there is a huge range of parts available for enthusiasts. If you are someone who is capable with building and assembling things then you can create a top line road or mountain bike for a fraction of the price you would pay in a store. By purchasing parts of your choice online at reduced prices you can not only have a great bike but get personal satisfaction with riding something you have effectively built yourself. Adjustments can be made easily as pieces often come in different sizes and materials depending on your need and budget.

One of the things that you need to be careful is the postage and handling costs. Because a bike is heavy and the parts are often big and difficult to transport you can end up paying what you saved to the courier. To evade this problem it is a good idea to buy if you can as many parts from the same online store as possible. Generally if they are able to put all your purchases in one box it will reduce the cost of the postage. By choosing shipping instead of express air delivery you can also save quite a substantial amount of money.

One might be asking why would anyone go to the effort of building a bike from different parts when you can do the same from a local bike store. The reason behind this is because bicycles are one of the few products that mega savings can be made from buying parts separately. This works also because bicycles are not like cars. You could never build a car at home by yourself unless you were an mechanic. With a little bit of help if needed, which you can always find on the internet, one can learn to assemble a bike and add extras.

Why not start a project and start building. It won’t cost you as much as you think and you will be more likely to ride it afterwards will your health will thank you for. Plus with petrol prices as they you should get on your bike.


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