In the last couple of days rumours have been going around the net regarding Apple’s newest gadget. Well the gadget hasn’t yet come out but indications suggest that the next thing in line at the Apple factory is a smart watch. Yes you have smartphones and tablets. Well the latest portable technology device will be an iWatch. Not much is known about the features of this watch but the net is busy suggesting both what it will look like and what kind of things it will be capable of doing.

Often when Apple releases a product the public go crazy and line up as everybody from teenagers to fathers of households just have to have it. It is also common for Apple to take the idea of another company and do it better. They certainly did not invent the smartphone and the tablet had been tried before but with no success. Some may say Apple does things better other agree that they just find the right time and release products that the market is looking for. With the watch this is the same story, many other tech companies have released a smartwatch before but we are asking ourselves why is there so much hype around Apples prominent release. The answer is  one of the company’s secrets to success, hype.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet by the company itself there will surely be a rush of smartwatches flooding the market. Some of the rumours that were publicly released by some of the biggest and most respectable US newspapers like the Financial Times, The Times and The Wall Street Journal. What is interesting about this is the fact that three very respectable newspapers wrote articles on the iWatch at the same time. It means either there really is something in the mill or Apple is flexing their media power muscles. 100 designers are rumoured to be working on the project. Apple doesn’t assign 100 of their designers to one thing unless they want it to be spectacular and take the industry by storm. Keep on the watch out for the newest must have gadget, the iWatch.


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