Find your keys with your smartphone


How many of you when you are rushing out the door end up being late because you can’t find your keys? Whether it is your house keys, car keys or your work keys there seems to always be a missing key somewhere. It is such a thing that gets under the nerves of so many people each day everywhere in the world. People have tried to help the situation with clips, strings, lanyards etc. The list goes on forever. Now there is a new solution that involves smartphones and a downloadable app. The accessory that makes finding your keys possible is a key ring with a self charged GPS and bluetooth detector inside.

The way it works is that the detector is registered with your phone’s app and then when you loose your keys the gps can detect its approximate location and then the bluetooth can point you in the right direction and take you exactly where they are. The bluetooth will only work in a 150 around a 30m radius. But then again who has a house where if you’re standing in the middle you can’t reach all the boundaries with an imaginary circle all around you. The GPS becomes useful when you actually loose your keys. Say for instance they fall from your pocket on your way home or when you are on a night out with friends and you accidentally leave them behind at a bar. It is just a matter of checking you iPhone and then chasing them down using the map. (if you have lost that as well then you can use any smartphone with the same app. Just have to remember you log in details).

The cost of the keyring is obviously the most expensive part but it is nothing exaggerated and it will be repaid quickly when you not having those dashing runs around the house before you are going out to find your car keys.


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