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A lot of online outlets are now popping up which take advantage of the fact that they don’t have to pay for rent or shop personnel to serve you. The money not spent on these things keep the prices down and give the shoppers the closest to cost price as possible. Often the  stock is passed through less hands when it turns up a at an outlet and therefore there are less people making a percentage or commission out of these changing of hands. The things you see on display at your favourite fashion store has probably gone through 3-4 different businesses before it hits the shelves. All these businesses have to make money and the final price you are paying is covering for all the people to take a slice of the pie before.

Online outlets however are skipping this process and letting you buy your clothes and accessories straight from a retailer who is direct with the manufacturer. The prices are astonishing. People often complain about buying online as they are afraid that they won’t receive what they thought they had ordered. Whether it be the colour or the feel of the material or the size. The majority of outlets online offer a return policy (sometimes even for free postage) where you can send them your item and they will either refund you or replace it with another item. This is very convenient as it gives you the exact service you would expect from any normal store.
Time is the only thing that is different as it takes a bit longer. But you can also pay a little big extra for that express delivery. It may be worth it seeing as though you are spending less.

Lots of people are now not stepping foot into physical stores as they swear by online outlets. They are even cheaper than buying from the online store of you favourite brand. You just have to keep up to date with what is on sale to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

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