Google Glass


The newest phenomenon on the web that everybody is talking about is Google Glass. The new fashion/tech ware that is bound to change the way we do things. From tourists in a new country to research scientists with a limited pair of hands these glasses will do amazing things.

To give you a run down on what they do here are some of the best features. They have a built in camera which can be used to record video or take snapshots. This is all done by voice control so you won’t even need to take your hands (or eyes) off what you are doing. Another cool feature is the maps function which can be very handy when you are trying to make your way around foreign streets. The possibilities are endless. If you are in need of a fact say in Paris and you want to know what time the Eiffel Tower closes for tourist visits all you have to say is “ok glass, google what time does the Eiffel Tower close” and it will bring up the results on the little screen at the corner of your eye. It is basically a little helper there just waiting to make the most of your day. You can ask Glass anything that comes to your mind. You can get it to record the best moments to relive when you get home. You can even search google images and bring up a photo of someone you are wanting to visualise. Say for instance you are designing a cake and you need inspiration, without even taking your eyes away from your hands you can look at the model of the cake from which you’re inspired.

Google has yet to release a date in which this new technology will hit the shelves. The ‘How to get it’ link on the Google Glass website has been closed for a while as only a limited amount were available as beta products and were most probably given to special people who Google believed were able to use the glasses in the right way in order to provide useful feedback before the final release.

The only thing we can do is wait for the release until we can get our hands on them. It will be the start of a new generation of wearable technology. Some people might say it is taking over our lives others might say that it is making them easier.


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