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The website sells home products, stuffed animals, dolls, figurines, bags, collectibles and more. provides a range of products such as home decor, figurines, stuffed animals, books, bags and collectibles.


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Purchases and sells overstock inventories as well as factory, retail, telecommunications, equipment, home and garden products

The website offers dehumidifiers for indoor pools, spas, basements, and the water restoration professional.

Large selection of tile, stone, concrete, & masonry tools including concrete saws, tile saws, cement mixers, tile cutters, & more. We feature Dewalt, Makita, Husqvarna, MK Diamond, Mikasa, Rubi Tools

Large selection of tile tools including tile saws, grout mixers, tile cutters, and more. We feature Rubi Tools, Tomecanic, and Siri. Free shipping to most of Europe.

Cash Generator offer thousands of bargains online and have over 100 stores nationwide on the high street so customers can be sure they will be buying from a reputable high street retailer.