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Online Auction Sites

A list of popular online auction sites in categories such as jewelry, car, computer, real estate, and more.

Founded in 2004, is a directory for users to find popular auction sites.

The list is organized into over 20 categories, including car auction, computer auction, jewelry auction, collectible auction, art auction and more. Each site is handpicked and presented with a brief description.

When the sites are selected, popularity, function, service, and price, are considered as key criterions. Popularity is very important for an auction site to be successful, since a great number of buyers are essential for sellers to auction at the best price, and a large number of sellers will also offer the buyer plenty of selections. Function and service are major factors to decide the experience of both buyers and sellers. Finally, while the price is not the dominant factor for the success of an auction site, a low auction fee can reduce the selling cost, especially those in the very competitive segments, such as electronics and computers.


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Ebay style auction site. Registration is easy and listing is free.

South Africa's largest online marketplace, for buying and selling jewellery, computers, electronics, cell phones, gemstones, antiques, toys, games, clothing, property, cars, coins and notes and more.

Penny auction site selling new brand name merchandise including laptops, TVs, Cameras, and other electronics. is an online penny auction review website focusing on penny auctions in the USA. is a penny auction website offering new, brand name products at up to 90% off.