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Top-Rated Electric Cigarettes

Now smokers can have it all: taste, convenience, and quality. They can get started with the electronic cigarette starter kits, and use the FlavorMax Cartomizer refills to keep going.

The Green Smoke® e-cigarette offers smokers an unmatched smoking experience. Its high smoke volume and rich, thick flavor, offers one of the most enjoyable smoking sensations available. Smoke as you would a traditional cigarette - simply take a puff and enjoy the flavor.At the tip of the e-cigarette is a cartridge that looks like the filter of a traditional cigarette.

This cartridge is where the smoking liquid is held. When smokers inhale, the battery activates the internal heating element, called an atomizer, and the smoking liquid is vaporized into a flavorful vapor. A cartridge that is pre-filled with smoking liquid and comes with a built-in atomizer is called a cartomizer.

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes consist of 2 pieces: a long lasting rechargeable battery and a FlavorMax™ Cartomizer. The FlavorMax™ Cartomizer is designed to maximize flavor and provides one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry. Each FlavorMax™ Cartomizer is comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes and features simple screw-off, screw-on cartomizer replacement.

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes will leave you smelling clean and fresh. Clothes and car won't smell like cigarette smoke and people can kiss smoker's breath goodbye. Green Smoke® e-cigarettes also have no tar and create no ash, cigarette butts or cigarette odors. They can also be smoked in many places where traditional cigarettes are banned. The Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get started.


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