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Russian Hats

We offer a wide selection of Russian ushanka hats made from high-quality fur, sheepskin, and artificial fur.

An ushanka hat is more than just a stylish piece of winter wardrobe – its versatility is legendary, as there are numerous different combination of wearing this warm and cozy hat, based on the specific weather conditions.


  • You can wear it with ears fixed on the top of the head - this is the classical look!
  • You can wear it with ears unfolded. It's a cute and casual look!
  • You can wear it with ears folded back. It's extra neck protection and it's easier to get on and off.
  • You can tie the ear flaps at the chin. Your cheeks will rest on soft fur.


Ushanka has been time-tested over centuries of use by countless numbers of people – people with strong wills, people with powerful personalities, and people with tremendous drive to keep going forward, no matter what. No cold, wind, or snow could break through the ushanka’s defenses.


The Russian ushanka hats are constantly gaining in popularity and now, even fashion designers are starting to include these special Russian hats in their new collections! Many celebrities, including Madonna, Lily Allen, and Alexandra Richards, are adopting this great head wear.


Nowadays, ushankas come in a great variety of colors and with the help of a sparkling brooch you can add that final touch that will complete your winter look. Try matching or contrasting the brooch color with the color of your eyes or your Russian hat for that extra touch of glamour.    

Check out our wide selection of Russian hats including hats with ear flaps, military hats, and ushanka hats in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles.


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