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2B Security Systems - Denmark

2B Security Systems

World-wide supplier of high-end CCTV equipment, CCTV systems, Camera housings, Pan tilt heads, CCTV zoom lenses and Day night cameras

2B Security Systems is a world-wide supplier of high-end CCTV equipment, CCTV systems, Camera housings, Pan tilt heads, CCTV zoom lenses and Day night cameras.

2B delivers high quality cctv components world-wide and design cctv systems as border control cctv systems, Hot enviroment surveillance, Marine video systems, Long range applications and many others systems for very different applications. 2b Security can deliver the systems as pre assampled or delivered as seperate cctv components.

In our website you will find:
CCTV zoom lenses, Pan tilt heads, camera housings, cctv cameras, DVRs, matrix, video monitors, quads, ptz control, Video printers, IR illuminators, Video transmission,
motorized lenses and many other products for CCTV systems.

Camera stations
Our popular complete camera stations is custom made.
The typical stations is very high-end with large cctv zoom lenses, heavy duty pan tilt heads, very large camera housings and equipped with wipers, washers, IR illuminators and other equipment that fits the demand of the cctv application

CCTV solutions
2B Security Systems has provided many special solutions world-wide.
Major Airports, Hot enviroment cctv, Anti terror cctv for airport, VIP cctv installations, Anti terror cctv installation, Border control cctv, Harbour security, Long range applications, Marine surveillance, Harsh enviroment cctv, Bridge surveillance and Coastal surveillance.

Contact us for specials
If you do not find the needed equipment in our site then please e-mail your specifications so we can check if we can help you.


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Wide range of high quality pan tilt head, high speed, high load pan & tilt with many options and materials, stainless steel, custom coating
Wide range of CCTV lenses, Motorized powerful zoom lenses, Day and Night lenses, IR corrected lenses, CCTV lenses up to 2000mm
Wide range of all weather CCTV camera housings with many options, wiper, washer, cooled, nitrogen pressurized, vandal proof, stainless steel, blower, heater, washer pump ..
Wide range of high sensitive CCTV cameras, High sensitive, air cooled, cctv IR dome cameras, IR led cameras, high speed domes, high sensitivity cooled cameras
Wide range of Infrared illuminators, high quality LED IR illuminators for long range CCTV applications, Laser infrared illuminators ..

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