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Helps students find cheap textbooks for sale by comapring prices on new and used textbooks from various online textbook stores

If you are looking for cheap textbooks you've come to the right place. Our prices are almost always lower than in your on-campus bookstore. Cheap used textbooks - that's what this site is all about. Our cheap textbook price finder creates real-time reports of the lowest new, and used textbook pricing including the shipping cost so our price quotes are the cheapest total price. Our easy-to-use site allows for quick, real-time textbook price comparisons, ensuring that you get your new and used College Textbooks at the best prices.

Used textbooks can be great alternatives for college students looking to save a little (or quite a lot) of money on books for class. The used textbook market thrives on the fact that color illustrations, thick paper stock and hardbound covers have made new textbooks more expensive than they were even 10 years ago. Like new books, used books can also be sold back for a return on the original purchase price in many cases.

In addition to college bookstores, many college students sell books amongst each other, offering both parties a monetary benefit. Since college bookstores are known for offering only pennies on the dollar for used textbooks, it makes sense to look for more cost-effective options. This is especially true for math and science majors, who often have to shell out hundreds of dollars for thick textbooks and extra materials.


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