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Elib.org Terms of Service

All submissions paid or otherwise are subject to these terms. It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms prior to submitting your URL for review. You must agree to these terms prior to submission of any URL. Submission of a URL requires your acceptance of these terms.


1. Payment is Non-Refundable

All payments made to Elib.org are non-refundable.

By submitting a URL you acknowledge that the payment of this fee is for consideration of your URL for inclusion in the Elib.org Web Directory and in no way does payment or acceptance of payment guarantee inclusion.

By submitting a URL you expressly agree to pay Elib.org the non-refundable submission fee whether your website is accepted or denied inclusion.


2. Basic Eligibility

In order for a submission to be eligible for listing, it must contain unique content.

We select sites based on their (good) content and interest to our readers. The primary factor will be its relation to shopping issues.

Please do not submit sites URLs which contain nothing more than affiliate links. Do not submit pages which redirect the user to another pages. Do not submit pages which have affiliate referrer ID’s attached to the URL.

If your URL is found to be ineligible for listing, it will be deleted from the index and NO refund issued.


3. Placement

Elib.org reserves the right to edit submission titles, descriptions and keywords. Elib.org reserves the right to move a submission from one category to another as the editorial staff sees fit.

Elib.org editors may remove a listed site from the index should its content fall outside of Elib.org eligibility guidelines.


4. Jurisdiction

This Agreement and the relationship of Elib.org are governed by the laws of the state of Italy.

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