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Trade Show Emporium

Trade Show Emporium was established to provide consulting to individuals and companies who are in the process of designing and purchasing trade show displays and accessories.

Welcome to Trade Show Emporium, your primary resource for quality trade show exhibits.

Located in booming Lodo in Denver, Colorado, Trade Show Emporium was established to provide consulting to individuals and companies who are in the process of designing and purchasing trade show exhibits and accessories. Trade Show Emporium was formed by Willis A. Wood Jr. He began his career in the trade show sales industry working for one of the leading trade show distributors and moved up to work at one of the largest trade show exhibit manufacturers in the United States. There, Wood managed a sales division and learned everything there was to know about the manufacturing side of trade show exhibits. He is not only trained in the specifics regarding components and materials—the best used to create the ideal trade show exhibit—but he’s tenured in sales and customer service and enjoys working with all types of companies.

Wood formed Trade Show Emporium on the premise of providing individualized consultation to buyers who are attending and participating in trade show displays particularly as it applies to the purchase of trade show exhibit parts.

“After working in the industry for many years, I realized that numerous trade show display companies sell the exact same product to repeat customers without consideration for the specific company’s needs and goals. While most trade show display sellers will deliver a good product at a competitive price, I recognized a need for change. Instead of product, my goal was to sell sound advice and better service. I wanted to change things up and still offer a great product at a competitive price but my approach is custom consultation and individualized solutions. I take clients’ unique requirements and analyze those goals. Combined with my experience in a wide variety of exhibit formats and manufacture, I can present a solution that falls under my client’s budget and yet meets their specific needs. I bring fresh new thought to this industry. And after being responsible for numerous large trade show exhibit sales, I found that all I could consider as a step up was launching my own company. That allowed me a forum in which I could really look out for my customers and make sure they understood every step of the trade show process,” Wood adds.

Contact Trade Show Emporium for solid, factual and impressive information. Browse our selection of trade show displays at Email them at or call the owner directly at (866) 764-2968. If you want second best, we’re not the vendor for you.


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