How to add a URL to Elib Directory

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How to add a URL to Elib Directory

Elib Shopping Directory

Thank you for your interest in adding to our Shopping Directory.

Our goal is to make this directory as useful as possible for our users, that’s why all submissions are subject to editor evaluation.

Any submitter has to pay a small submission fee. The fee required is primarily for the time and the effort of editors to genuinely evaluate any website submitted; for express and sponsored submissions the payment is also related to position, evaluation priority and amount of information published.

Please note that submitting your website Does Not Guarantee that your site will be listed in the directory. Elib’s editors, on the base of their sole judgment, determine the suitability, the title, and the description of any application.
Editors select sites taking into consideration their (good) content and the interest to our readers. The primary factor will be its relation to shopping issues. We select sites based on their (good) content and interest to our readers.
So please read carefully our guidelines while deciding to submit your website.


We offer 3 different kind of submission:

  1. Basic Submission will show your link under the category and location you have chosen with no fixed position.
    Every link comes also with a long description containing more details on a dedicated page.

  2. Express Submission will list your website in a priority position: above "Basic Submission" Links and below "Sponsored Listing" Links.
    Every link comes with a long description containing more details on a dedicated page, where subscribers can publish an extra (internal) link to the website.
    The one-off payment required is also for quicker evaluation. Your website will be reviewed within 2 business days.
  3. Sponsored Submission will list your website highlighted at the beginning of its category.
    Every link comes with a long description on a dedicated page. On this page subscribers can publish up to 5 extra (internal) links, any of them with a related description. This long description page will show no sponsor.
    The fee required is an annual fee to be paid each year to maintain the acquired position.
    The sponsored submission will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Within the same category (Basic, Express and Sponsored) the links’ positions are mixed every month to give everyone the same opportunities to be seen.



How to add a url to

In order to submit your website, please browse the directory and choose your web site location then the category related to your web site.

When you find the appropriate location and category, click on 'Add URL' at the top of the page.
(please note that the 'Add URL' is not available if you don't choose a location for your web site).

If you submit to a specific location (for instance, Illinois) your site will be shown also in more general ones (Illinois, United States, North America and "World").

Example: If your web site sells Undergarments in Dallas, your web site location will be: North America - United States - Texas and the category to submit it will be: Clothing - Undergarments

Please follow the submission guidelines given and always remember we accept only shopping related websites.
At the end of your submission you have to enter a security code to avoid spam. While entering it please pay attention to Capitol Letters.



Submission Guideline:

  • We Accept Shopping related websites ONLY;
  • Create a brief description, listing the current content of your site;
  • You Must Be as specific as possible regarding the location of your site. If you submit to a specific location (for instance, Illinois) your site will be shown also in more general ones (Illinois, United States, North America and "World") - WE DO NOT ACCEPT SUBMISSION IN "WORLD","AFRICA","EUROPE","AMERICA","ASIA", "OCEANIA", "USA" LOCATION;
  • Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category;
  • Do not submit sites URLs which contain nothing more than affiliate links;
  • Do not submit duplicated sites;
  • Do not submit pages which redirect the user to another pages;
  • Your web site must not be under construction;
  • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word;
  • Do not include prices or offer;
  • Websites without a customer service, where costumers can contact by phone the company, will be judged negatively.